Blue plates

Unheralded saucers of service.

Accompanied  by

Blue teacups

And blue feelings.

Cobalt stained reincarnations of Icarus,

Who at one point flew too close to the sun,

Like icarus

While being carried across the kitchen,

By trembling hands,

And crashed,

Onto a floor stained with sticky wine.

Over a glossy ocean finished with linoleum.

Rearranged  into thousands of

Tiny fragments,

Tiny bones,

Forming the principals  of an

Anatomical mosaic.

A muscular masterpiece,

Orchestrated   by cardiovascular conductors,

Who long ago handed their baton to the next runner,

Always a  slower runner.

In a much  slower race,

Whose eyes were long ago,



Afterwards burned.

But not by the  rays of  the  ultra-violent television,

But by making the grave mistake of

Standing over the oven,

Intently watching  water boil,

Instead of adhering to the

Universal allure of

 Wet paint.


The unique chemistry involved in

It’s drying process.

Although  this task is undertaken on the

Canvas that is  the four walls of a different room

An adjacent room.

A room with carpet,

…And a closet.

Whose use is

To be determined.

And whose vacancy is

To be determined.

This room absorbs the paint,

And it’s simultaneous smell,

Drawn and quartered.

So not to compete with the  wafting fragrances of the forgotten recipes,

Of the kitchen,

That are tucked so  carefully into the precise folds of the wallpaper,

That are just now slowly beginning to yellow and  peel.

Like the bananas on top the fridge,

Like the phone-book tucked beneath the sink.

 However there is one

 Criminally overlooked aspect of the previously stated  emulsion,

And it’s labyrinthine involvement in

The  drying process.

And it’s effect on the condemned room.

It will assuredly reduce the dimensions of the aforementioned

Adjacent room.




Inch by inch,

Coat after coat.

Like a hovering vulture,

Whose plumage isn’t definite.

Proposing an equation

Equal to infinity,

As an answer to

The rooms hollow,

Humble problems.


That the kitchen

And it’s blue plates,

Will never share.

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