A lizard at the base of the stairs (A eulogy)

Nearly  everyday,

(That the sun shines)

Every hot day,

Looking up,


Not being able to see the top.

(And where the sun doesn’t shine)

A tiny brown lizard,

The reptilian replica of a gatekeeper.

A sentient sentinel.

Exposing emaciated ribs with every breath,

Every subtle breath,

(Mimicking the wind in terms of amplification)

Waits for something.

It waits for

Fallen moths


Pizza deliveries

Eyes rolling around in their sockets

As he keeps constant watch,

On a nearby

Rarely used,

Electrical socket.

That provides no power.

As mailman busy feet


Seasons pass,

The lizard will occasionally take shelter

In a neighboring crevice,

In a neighboring cave,

(Since he has no tent to pitch)

(Still  no complaints to file,though)

Bohemian in nature,

Simple in perspective,

A bike-rack off in the distance,

Only accessible

Through thickets of grass

Piled with fallen kites,

Shredded by

Sharp winds


Sharper scissors

That distant destination.

Looks to him,

Like a  rusty power plant,

That shines brighter than

The  peaceful moon,


The streetlights combined.

Simple syntax


Other forms of communicable communications,

Are not understood here,

Under these stairs.

Clumps of discarded


Begin to form the base of mountains,

At the base of these stairs,

Impervious to  both erosion,



 Parked cars and


He will have no epics written on his behalf,

Never will he drink from the immortal waters of the river Styx,

No journeys with Jason & his  Argonauts,

(Or even  other worldly astronauts)

He will however

Be immortalized in italics

Captivated in captions.

Beloved by biology.

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