Drawing closer to a passing meteor shower

Set to a panoramic setting of

Galactic horizons,

Accompanied by an soundtrack of

 Galactic proportions

Consisting  mostly of synthesizers and thesis statements,

Black water batters colorful rocks,

Eluding the careful eyesight of the  periphery sentinels,


Stand guard on either side of


Passing secretly and 


By way of blind-spots,

Illuminated by sunspots.

Crumbling rocks and  vacant thoughts

Fall from Olympus,

Far from Everest.


Pass at

Enormous intervals of speed,

Down the  river Styx,

Through the pockets of Charon.

But ultimately

 Dissipating before they reach they’re desired destination.

Resulting in a  fallout of memory,


A shower of repetition

A shower of repetition.

A show, reptilian.

Overflowing from the faucet of a 



Claw foot bathtub.

That was left to




In a bathroom far

Far away.


By long ago hands,

That are also


Far away,

…That in the present time are to busy turning crescent wrenches,

Tightening crescent moons


After a while,

Memories and

Timber alike begin to pile


Rising from the porcelain basin,

(Like a                   phoenix)

(Like a                    volcano)

  While also

Temporarily damming the

Rescinded floodgates.

Forcing fluorescent water to rise,


Weaken the ankles of

 Counterfeit Skyscrapers

(That resemble legs of very real chairs)

That are responsible for

Printing thousands of blank sheets of paper,

Every hour.

& then

Imaginary secretaries

Employed at those same imaginary skyscrapers,

 Toss them out the thousands of imaginary [windows],

To show the authentic snow

It is not alone.

To show the  proven  rain

That it




To demonstrate to demons,

Windfall can occur

Without warning.

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