The beetle in the puddle

He was busy making waves of his own.

Spreading out his legs,

All six of them.

In a desperate attempt to walk on water

This would be his swan song.

He could feel the

Water beginning to

Bloat his red back.

(Not red from the sun, but from science)

And wither away his feelers,

Which now resembled melted  licorice.

The bumblebees buzzing just above this scene,

With their waxy wings,

Watch from above,

Like curious buzzards.

Feeling like gods,

Until the dragonflies show up.

From the depths of that puddle,

Beneath the bewildered beetle,

A five fingered phenomenon began to surface.

 Carefully contemplating the saturated salvation of the

Struggling insect.

And at last the leviathan surfaced.

Displacing the water until

A cool breeze could be felt

Whooshing between his antennae,

Splitting the difference.

The  surface that the beetle now suddenly inhabitated,

Was a pale planet.

Flat and welcoming.

Its core obviously  warm with life.

But it’s mantle and crust shook with

Icy tremors that

Had the ability to

Undoubtedly impress

All of the universes many magistrates,



After adjusting to the initial inertia

And general

Gravity of the situation,

(And of  the unusual  planet itself)

It became apparent that

He would not be

Aquainted with  scores of underlying  bubbles.

He flicked the water from his wings,



With the intention of soon seeing


His gamble paid off,

His fragile wings barely carried him

To a nearby fence-post.

(Where the sun was shining brighter than usual)

Now miles away from that

Miraculous curiosity.

Thanking it  from afar with his precious absence.

His wings now warm with sunlight.

The invisible interstate that he soon planned to


And rejoice

In up there,

Parallel to the infinite  tree-line,


Perpendicular to the weather vanes,

(Too concerned with vanity to be bothered  with direction)

Busy with

Bugs with names like




In the summertime,

In early May.

2 thoughts on “The beetle in the puddle

  1. You are most talented Matthew! I enjoyed the various mind-pictures about which you wrote.Your Mother’s poetry is always a joy to receive,and I wrote sonnets ,long time ago, for my Masters in English. One of them ,”Jewels of Love” was published in the college paper. It is such a pleasure to read poetry like yours.


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