Community Pool

      There is no

Surrounding desert,

No rolling, dusty dunes,

Accompanying this particular oasis.

Just 21

3 story

Concrete tents,

A devestated basketball court,

Laid to waste by both earthquakes



And a lazy fitness center that tags along, as well.

But the beating heart

Of this



Is the community pool.

A community jewel.

A shallow sapphire.

Cut amongst a patch of trees.

(Most likely by sweaty gods, tired of yardwork.)

Tumultuous turmoil and

Apparent conflict lingers all around,

Swelling and stinking in the hot sun, like

A recently deceased something.

But none of it is relevant.

                           Once it reaches these reverent gates.

Guarded by erect umbrellas and

Supported by the slouching chairs.

This rarely swept terra-cotta patio,

(That has never, ever burned even a single foot)

Who lounge in the spotlight of the sun,

Disregarding doctors recommendations to apply slimy spf’s,

And instead chase sleep,

While snoozing on a chaise lounge.

Their pink bellies covered only by a magazine from yesterday.

(Their closed eyes obviously covered by eyelids.)

Even while awake,

Some of them observe nothing.

The Spanish moss that

Dangerously dangles

From tree-limbs overhead

Serve as casual weather vanes,

Indicating the arrival and departure of the busy thunderstorms.

An occasional,

And very capable  fire-ant,

Patrols the perimeter.

Making  sure that any

Discarded pizza crusts,

(Left-over from a party featuring scores of beautiful  balloons and bright plastic cups)

Stay out of sight.

Music from

Mysterious stereos is always welcome,

But they will always compete with the bees

And birds

(And fail)

For top billing.

Besides the fallen leaves, that float like tiny catamarans,

And the children that need wings to fly in this water,

This pool




more than  just a pool. 

It is a landmark,

Not  illustrated on any map.

Or documented in any history book.

(Although it should be)

It is right where it needs to be.

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