A place to hide the keys

Like  idle columns,

Like times new roman,

They are there and that is where they will stay,

two pillars,

two potted plants,

 at the front door, on either side,

A light from above, looking right through them,

Looking down on them like an older brother,

flickering now,

flickering always,

Because  immediate oxygen is required to cross this threshold,

And they will provide that,

A breath of fresh air,

and a place to hide the keys

You’ll have to watch your step, too.

Lay down your pack and your alchemy,  and all your well-laid plans.

And wipe your paws

wipe your feet-

Lay your words down, too.

I don’t know how to get through this cave,

your chapped lips are not saying what you think they are saying;

                                        But I can hear you in the dark.

You came from the river, that’s why your feet are covered in mud,

You came from the fields, that’s why your feet are covered in dust,

But I can still hear you in the dark.

You went and got when the getting was good, and I missed out.

and still your feet are dirtier then mine.

Still your eyesight is worse then mine.

But you got all the good sales,

I cant believe I missed all the good sales,,,,,,,

Repetition isn’t always what it seems, and even when you think your cologne doesn’t smell anymore, you end up  giving yourself away.

I passed you at the market, you must have seen me,

You must have smelled me,

You must have heard me dragging my feet.

I smelled me,

I felt my feet dragging,

Vicious hands tugging at my shoelaces and my legs, trying to pull me down and make me burn with them,

I felt as though I was walking through cement, the same cement where you left your footprint, and I wanted to leave one, too.

But you were too busy handling fruit, shiny fruit as bright as gemstones,

Now you are here at the my doorstep, and   where are the gemstones?

Where is the fruit?

You came with brochures and wide open eyes, ready to absorb;

ready to burn me with x-ray vision;

Ready to blow the lid off of the whole thing-

Taking with it, with you, the entire laboratory,  all the important  papers, all the black holes;

The entire plane is depending on you and you  would still  put a blindfold over the pilot’s eyes;

It wont work, I bring the radioactivity.

I will hold onto the wings,

I will circle the drain, and I will grab you by your ankles, and I will take you down there with me,

So we can swim together,

So we will always be swimming together,

and they will talk about us during meetings,

Every meeting and during lunch too.

and painters will paint us,

Remember when we float under the bridge, remember all the rock formations.

be cryptic,

be tentative,

We will stumble upon the fruit eventually, while we swim,

while we float,

Don’t worry, we will stumble upon the gemstones, too,

while we float.











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