I cant remember being impressed by giants

               I cant remember being impressed by giants,

I’m sure I didnt impress them either.

                                                      They would go out for wayward walks

                     and sometimes they would whistle louder then earthquakes.

                            Tectonic plates falling in the kitchen

                              dropping out of my arms,

dropping out of the sky,

There were diamonds there somewhere,

There were diamonds among the rubble and the crystal.

Scattered like building blocks,

scattered like diamonds.

An apocolypse plays in the backround,

dreamers dream in the backround,

and waiters drop more plates,

                                     and run in circles,

and the ground sinks a little more,

with each falling plate,

with each circular footstep,

and paint is applied to the walls,

and  so the room becomes a little bit bigger,

with each coat,

dont forget your coat,

                watch your step.

                                           There should be  more piano sounds,

There should be more light in this restaraunt,

                There should be more light in this hotel,

and champagne flutes,

but instead only broken glass,

                                       and static electricity.

              We missed the continental breakfast-

We missed the continental drift, too.

We should  be hearing  piano sounds by now…

             but there are only  empty stages

and birds on a wire,

                                                   and  so much applause,

so many doves…

                      I probably should have been impressed by  giants,

I should have shaken their hands

and purchased gold and real estate from them,

                                 But now  I can only watch,

                                                      as the giants walk away,

Going towards wherever it is giants go…

Carrying with them my trust and

            gold that should have been mine,

Gold that I earned-

                      but instead I am stuck watching from a window,

            Left only with  meaningless silver and a mess of plates, too.

                                         At least I am not left with sad songs,

I want to hear those trumpets! 

I want to see the liontamer, and the perfect storm!

              I want to remember like the elephants remember.

                                                        I cant remember being impressed by giants,

                                      I can only remember watching them walk towards the horizon,

                 wind blowing their hair,

and the ground bending under their feet,

until they are out of sight.

They wont look back.

As I watch from that window,

                               As I watch from my circus,

                                                 feeling no wind in my hair,

and hearing the roar of the lions,

                 I want to remember like the elphants remember.









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