I prefer

I prefer the company of microwaves

                 I prefer the canopy to be made  entirely of dragons,

and sound effects,

Computers beeping and then  crashing, and hands high-fiving-

Those sounds keep the world awake,

They keep me awake,

             Those sounds light the sanctum,

fiercely poetic,

hidden in a trance,

hidden amongst the trees.

                      I prefer to not forget the black and white cat,

and her demeanor,

                                                                                                      her sleeplessness,

The willingness to watch the same movie, over and over again,

to type the same words over and over again,

to type the same words over and over again,

like a curse.

like a curse.

like a curse.

like a curse,

like a curse.

I prefer to hit homeruns,

I prefer to go twelve rounds.

Look at the compass,

Guidance can be found along the seafloor,

or at third base,

or in a vending machine, when you have to stick your hand up to reach a bag of chips on the very first row,

is that fair?

Try reaching the top shelf instead.

I prefer to swim in quicksand,

To float in mercury,

                 I prefer to be the  lungs,

Because no one knows what’s  at the bottom.

Because I  will still need to breathe,

even in the operating-room,

even in the waiting-room

even inside the aquarium,

I prefer the aquarium…

I prefer the emporium…

                            Find your way to the forest, and

walk slowly through the  forest,

peering down at unknown tracks in the snow.

in that forest,

be calm,

because those are not bear tracks.

Those tracks lead up to the door of a cabin,

and then what?

Eat what little bread you have left, and pull the blanket up to your eyes,

and go inside,

light your fire

light my fire

So it can be seen for miles!

So we can warn the others!

  Engage with the insidious,

Engage with what is  inside,

                 keep the blanket over your eyes,

and your sword at your side,

and your mind, aloof, my friend.

Tune out all that static, and wait for the real  music to start-

your feet will soon be cold,

but you’ll forget the cold in the presence of demons.

Be cold in the presence  of demons.

Leave the cabin, and make your own trail to the city-

Leave some breadcrumbs, and some candy if you don’t mind.

Leave them for me.

So that I can know so many things.

                       Her sleeplessness knows no bounds,

her sleeplessness sinks ships and sings along with  the sirens,

with the mermaids,

with the barking dogs,

Bound not by tethers, or chains,

Captive, but not by man;

but by journey, and by  course,

                                                  of course…

Alone on an island,

warm, on that same  island,

Watching the spreading seas, from that island.

                                                                        Smiling, on that  same damn island.

Lick your lips that taste of vanilla,  and stretch out your arms;

                                                                                give   your alms and penance,

drive the steak through your  my heart,

my veins,

I prefer to relinquish the   magic,

let it slip through my hands like dripping ooze,

like a melting candle.

like a rushing river,

                                                                                           and I’ll still be smiling,

When it all falls through the cracks,

On  that island.






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